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Digital Lollipop-Tests for Freiburg

In Germany, the so-called lollipop tests are very popular. The name says it all - unlike in Austria, in Germany you do not gargle, but suck on a cotton swab.

The lollipop tests make PCR analyses painless, simple, and inexpensive. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for use in schools and kindergartens. Until now, however, the lollipop-tests were always associated with a large amount of paperwork.

Schools and Kindergartens
PCR-Tests per Week

Novid20 ends the paperwork in schools and kindergartens! Together with our partner Grapevine World, we digitized almost all processes related to the lollipop-tests, from the laboratory to the notification of results and data management. Except for taking the test and transporting the samples, everything is now fully digitized via our web application.

Testing Strategy Caritas

Nursing homes represent the most vulnerable group during the pandemic and need therefore be protected at all costs. Contact between residents and nursing staff is unavoidable and important. This makes it all the more important to test nursing staff for COVID-19 in order to effectively prevent clustering and local COVID-hotspots. Isolation, loneliness, and the high psychological stress on our care receivers must be contained to the greatest possible extent.

Care Facilities
Tests since November 2020

Together with the IMP, IMBA and our software-partner, we were able to set up a system that enables Caritas to regularly test its employees for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR analysis. Caritas employees gargle several times a week and thus effectively protect their residents. 

School Research Study

To date, there is little international scientific evidence on the role of school children in the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The „Gurgelstudie“ accompanies the opening of schools in Austria from autumn 2020 to summer 2021. During the study, robust data on the role of children for the epidemiology of COVID-19 will be collected and thus a scientific basis for regulatory measures in the school sector in Austria will be created.

Schools in Austria
Participants per test run

On the behalf of the BMBWF, our team developed the software used within the study. The software manages the testing process and provides the study administration with solid data to draw the right conclusions for our students.


„No Lockdown“ – Covid-19 Test Strategy

Lockdown fatigue among the population continues to grow. Current measures are insufficient to prevent further lockdowns. ICUs are full, vaccines are poorly available, and in the face of immune escape mutants, even vaccination is unlikely to save us from further lockdowns and restrictions. The only real alternative at the moment is testing, testing, testing. Austria is already leading the way here with its antigen testing strategy. More effective than antigen testing are PCR tests. We have set ourselves the goal of also making PCR tests available on a large scale and at low cost.

Together with leading scientists from the Vienna Biocenter, the high-throughput laboratory Novogenia and the health data specialists from Grapevine world, we have developed a mass-market PCR home testing strategy that can reduce the R-factor below 1 and thus also effectively prevent further lockdowns. In our concept, the price per PCR test result corresponds approximately to that of an antigen test. The individual components of the strategy are already being piloted in various projects.

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